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Do you suffer from:

 anxiety  depression post traumatic stress • chronic stress • autoimmune disorders • digestive issues • chronic pain • insomnia fatigue  hormone imbalance 


Do you struggle with:

 addiction repeating unhealthy relationship patterns • following through with plans  engaging in risky or unhealthy behaviors completing tasks 

Centripetal Reflections Two Layer Wall A

Nervous System Restoration




Safe and Sound Protocol™


Medical Massage for MVAs and Workers Comp



Nervous System Restoration is a bespoke collection of:

• bodywork 

• somatic exercises 

• embodiment practices 

• neurosensory exercises 

You can expect to:

• improve your health and vitality 

• increase your somatic awareness 

add to the efficacy of other therapies and treatments   


You will gain:

 knowledge of how your nervous system works 

an understanding of the physiology of stress and trauma 

 tools and resources to work with and shift the state of your nervous system 



Nervous System Health

is a field of Somatic Therapy based in the neurophysiology of stress and trauma.


Advances in neuroscience have revolutionized our understanding of stress, trauma and illness. 


With this comes a paradigm shift in our approach to physical, mental and emotional well-being.


We have learned that many physical and mental health diagnoses are rooted in dysregulation of the nervous system.


In short, our physical, mental and emotional health are inextricably tied to our nervous system health.


Working with the nervous system gives access to a gentle, non-invasive and non-toxic pathway for managing stress and healing from injuries and past traumas. 


A nervous system health regimen is a pathway to reconnect to our bodies’ wisdom, shift out of survival mode, heal from our past and thrive in the present. 

My hope is for my work to reflect the paradigm shifts happening in science, therapy, politics and society while supporting individuals and groups to connect and build resilience throughout these shifts.


I look forward to connecting with you. 

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