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Medical Massage


MVAs and Worker's Comp

Kelley Curtis lmtOR lic 7336


Medical Massage is a treatment-focused series of assessments and massage therapy sessions given based on a referral from a prescribing doctor. These treatments are individually tailored to address acute and chronic pain from specific, accident-related injuries, as well as to restore function to tissues affected by the injury.

​For many years, my practice was solely treatment-focused structural massage. Adding the specialty lens of the nervous system has allowed me to be much more effective in treating injury and pain, as well as facilitating more functional movement patterns.

I love to work in a coordinated effort with the other practitioners on your wellness team to facilitate the greatest opportunity for your recovery.  I can make recommendations from a list of practitioners who work in ways that resonate with my style, if you are looking to build a care team, or I can liaise with anyone you are already working with to create a more inclusive treatment plan.


With the appropriate referrals and approvals, I am able to bill your insurance for Motor Vehicle Accidents and Workers’ Compensation, with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

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