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Kelley Curtis lmt

OR lic 7336


My bodywork practice is built upon ancient knowledge, steeped in neuroscience, physiology and anatomical precision. Given the right parameters, every human has an innate ability to release tension and to heal. I work with the nervous system, through the body, to help find those parameters.


I have been a bodyworker since 1995. I call my work neurofascial reintegration. I am an advanced student and have been a practitioner of the Visceral and Neural Manipulation techniques of French Osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral since 2014. I have studied the physiology and neuroscience of tension, stress and trauma extensively. My work is Polyvagal-centered and trauma-informed. 


During a session, I dialogue with your nervous system (with my hands) to help facilitate your body’s own ability to release tension. While I may be working with structures that are deep in the body, you will mostly feel light pressure. You definitely won’t feel my hands moving around the whole time. Not to worry, that doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything. 


People experience a variety of sensations, sometimes where my hands are, oftentimes in other places. Some have reported having interesting recollections from their pasts and/or a pleasant visual experience during their session. It is not out of the ordinary to have an emotional experience...spontaneous crying or laughter are possible and always welcome.  


After a session, most often, people report feeling a sense of deep calm, relaxation, more awareness of their body and a little spacey. Few people experience delayed emotional releases. Those who receive treatments on a consistent basis report lasting structural change and the reduction of acute and chronic pain, as well as the reduction of challenging mental and emotional formations.


My knowledge of the body and nervous system and the sensitivity in my hands marry to facilitate a unique and elegant dialogue with your nervous system in a bodywork session.


My ultimate goal is to help create a safe, connected and relaxed environment, both internal and external, where your body has the opportunity to access new possibilities for healing.

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